Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Ithaca Housing Authority’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program is a component of the HCV Section 8 program.  The mission of our FSS program is coordinate the use of housing assistance along with public and private community services to enable families eligible to receive assistance under these programs to achieve economic independence and self-sufficiency to the best of their ability.

The FSS program is a voluntary program which includes commitment to a 5-year contract, a service plan of goals devised by the participant with the case manager, as well as support, information and referral to appropriate sources of assistance along the way.


You are eligible to begin your FSS contract once you begin receiving HCV Section 8 assistance with your rent.    You will then meet with one of our FSS case managers to discuss your self-sufficiency goals and develop a service plan to achieve those goals.  The service plan must set forth the short and long term goals, the recommended supportive services, the activities to be completed by the family member, and the agreed upon completion dates for the services and activities. The final goal must include the Head of Household seeking and maintaining suitable employment.  A mandatory interim goal must be for all household members to be free of welfare assistance for at least 12 consecutive months prior to the expiration of the contract.

While you are participating with the FSS program, if you experience an increase with your rent portion due to an increase in your household’s income, then you may be eligible to receive escrow deposits as a financial reward for working towards your self-sufficiency goals.  At the end of your FSS contract, if you have met your goals and are in good standings with the Section 8 program, then you are eligible to collect the escrow funds that you have accrued.



Progress Reports

All FSS participants must remain in communication with the FSS case manager to report/discuss the progress of their agreed upon goals and completion dates.

For more information regarding our FSS program, please contact one of our case managers for more information:

Marion Deats / 607-273-8629 ext. 247 /

Cynthia Kloppel / 607-273-8629 ext. 242 /


Three Pillar Foundation

Ithaca Housing Authority’s Family Three Pillar Foundation (3PF) program offers current program participants a free 8 week session of financial education and peer support, followed by the opportunity to apply for a low interest, debt consolidating loan once the program has been completed.

For more information regarding our 3PF program, please contact one of our case managers for more information:

Marion Deats / 607-273-8629 ext. 247 /

Cynthia Kloppel / 607-273-8629 ext. 242 /



If you or anyone in your family is a person with disabilities, and you require a specific accommodation in order to fully utilize our program and services, please contact Ithaca Housing Authority at 607-273-8629.


IHA will take affirmative steps to communicate with people who need services or information in a language other than English. Please contact Ithaca Housing Authority at 607-273-8629 if require a LEP accommodation.


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