Public Housing

Housing Application

Pet Lease [DOC]

Pet Lease [PDF]

Waiting List Update Form [PH]

How To Calculate Rent [PH]


Flat Rent

Community Service Policy

FMR [2017]

Floor Plans: Titus Towers 1

Floor Plans: Titus Towers 2

Section 8

Section 8 Application

Utility Chart [10-01-17]

FMR [2017]

HAP Contract

HCV Family Obligations

Max Allowable Gross Rent

Payment Standards [12-01-17]


Relocation Packet

RFTA Forms

How To Calculate Rent [S8]

Tenancy Addendum

Tenants Rights Guide

Waiting List Update Form [S8]


Annual Plan

VAWA Self Certification Form (5382) 

VAWA Notice of Occupancy Rights (5380)


The IHA is committed to operating in an efficient, ethical, and professional manner.  The IHA will create and maintain partnerships with its clients and appropriate community agencies in order to accomplish this mission.



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